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Providing means and resources to achieve independence

Providing means and resources to achieve independence

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Creating New Lives

Providing the means for youth and adults to develop independence and achieve their individual life goals.

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Personalized Support

Ensuring culturally, individually, and developmentally-appropriate support and access to resources.

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True Independence

Providing housing assistance, educational development, employment development, health care, life skills training, and counseling services.

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The Path Ahead

Moving into unknown territory can be exciting, or it can be frightening. For people who have never experienced the thrill of independence, it can be both. We offer the guidance and support they need to step forward with confidence, to understand that being independent does not mean being alone.

Giving is Caring

Our clients have the skills necessary to live independent lives, they often just need a little help getting started before they realize their full potential and advance to full independence. You can be part of this amazing journey by contributing to our program. Just click on a “Donate Now” button and help someone claim the life they deserve!

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